Any Garden Landscaping

We are experts in all manner of landscaping including garden clearance

Regardless of the size of a project most will involve moving earth around in the garden to create a new shape for the garden. This can be heavy hard work, often involving a lot of forward planning to minimise movement of materials and disposal of them.

We have carried out many projects ranging from working in small sloping back gardens which have been leveled by hand, to working on large gardens, where many tonnes of soil have been moved by machine. At Any Garden we have the capability to do this with a high level of accuracy, often utilizing professional earth moving equipment to completely transform the garden. Sometimes, due to site access problems, there is no other way than to carry out landscaping by hand and physically move the material by hand. We have completed many projects which others have said can’t be done. We can always find a way to get the work done.

Often the moving of soil around in a garden will involve the provision of retaining walls to stabilize the garden. We are able to offer advice on which solutions will work best for the garden, ranging from traditional masonry walls through to sleeper walls to achieve the required look.

We also have access to a range of machinery to make short work of the landscaping in the garden, such as strimmers, rotovators, stump grinders, excavators and tracked wheel barrows to name but a few.

We can also put our skills to use carrying out clearance work and ground preparation work in gardens and allotments. So if it looks like an overgrown jungle we can soon have the weeds cleared and turn a waste land into a well rotovated piece of land ready for use.

We are always happy to do as little or as much of a landscaping project as you want, whether its heavy digging by hand, or using mechanical excavators to give you a head start on a project. We area also available to carry out ground work and drainage works for any project you may have in mind.

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