Any Garden Ponds and Water Features

Bring your garden to life with a superb pond or artificial stream

The sound of running water can bring a garden alive, as well create movement and help to screen noise. The introduction of a pond or stream can bring a whole new dimension to a garden and often literally brings a whole new lease of life with the fish and wildlife and the associated interest it brings. Many of our clients have become instant fans of keeping fish and spend many hours enjoying caring and watching them in the garden.

We can offer a range of skills to build a pond or water feature that suits the garden. Whether it is a large pond with a water fall, a simple small fountain, or a more contemporary feature, we are able to carry the work out. When it comes to water features then the only limit is your imagination. Almost anything can be utilized to construct one that will fit in with the style of your garden.

Larger features such as fish ponds, can involve a lot of planning and hard work. We can assist with the planning of these and the selection of materials to best suit the project. Because of our landscaping abilities, the work involved for a project such as this presents no problem.

For some people a water feature may no longer be desirable in the garden. It may be that an old fish pond represents a hazard to young family, or that it no longer suits the style of your garden. Again we can offer advice on the removal of the pond and its contents and the best way to re-locate any fish or wildlife within it. We can also offer advice on how to correctly fill the pond and on what to replace it with.

Once a water feature is constructed it is essential that it is well maintained. We offer a range of services, including pond vacuuming, filter servicing, pump servicing and if any item has come to the end of its life we can advise on the best replacement and carry out the work. Even if your pond has turned into a neglected swamp we are able and willing to get our feet wet and sort it out for you.

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