Any Garden Walling and Raised Beds

Whatever kind of wall you need, our wall specialists can help

In many gardens, the provision of some type of walling is essential. It can be used to divide up a garden, create features, retain soil or be used for privacy and security.

We can offer a range of walling options to satisfy the look you wish to achieve. Our abilities include traditional masonry such as brickwork and blockwork, manufactured garden feature walling and dry stone walling. We are also able to carry out rendering, which is often especially useful on features such as raised beds.

As well as walling our brickwork skills are often used for simple projects such as path edging and also the building of steps, as well as more unusual projects such as wells and garden ovens.

Another option for walling is the use of timber. We have utilized softwood and hardwood sleepers in many gardens, to build raised beds, steps, retaining walls, privacy screens and many other features. We use a range of softwood and hardwood sleepers from a sustainable source. We will not use reclaimed railway sleepers however due to the problems they can cause to the client and ourselves with the containments they contain. The use of sleepers in this manner can be used for a surprising range of situations and in many cases they can offer a more cost effective alternative to traditional masonary.

Becoming ever more popular with gardeners are raised beds. With the surge in popularity of growing your own vegetables and the realization that raised beds are easier to manage and can add a lot interest to the garden; we spend a lot of time constructing these. Again they can be made from a vast range of materials to suit all styles and budgets.

We can also carry out willow screening and structures to suit the needs of your project.

We are more than happy to carry out repairs to existing walls you may have and we are always happy to give honest advice on the best way of repairing or replacing any damaged walling.

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